This fruity concoction is a party in a bowl! Make it at your next party to celebrate a special occasion!


Sugar Marijuana Goblet



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20 Comments to: Sugar Marijuana Goblet – Tipsy Bartender

  1. Abril 13th, 2019

    Don't you live in a free state? Why not put some concentrates into it?

  2. Abril 13th, 2019

    I wonder if that’s sweet

  3. Abril 13th, 2019

    Add some canna punch

  4. Abril 13th, 2019

    Just the same old drink. It's 2018 bro use some Green Dragon or other type of tincture already. You really gotta keep up your game, I think the only way your channel will survive is if you start fucking with some molecular mixology. Just looking out for a brother.

  5. Abril 13th, 2019

    Dónde se puede conseguir el hielo seco? / Where can I get dry ice?

  6. Abril 13th, 2019

    Should've said the reason you call it the Sugar Marijuana Goblet is bc it'll knock your ass on the living room floor going "DUUUUUUUUDE"

  7. Abril 13th, 2019

    where is the marijuana?

  8. Abril 13th, 2019

    you should've uploaded it on 4/20

  9. Abril 13th, 2019

    I remember when you guys did this the first time – I can't tell, how many people is one goblet meant to serve?

  10. Abril 13th, 2019

    More weed related things bro. Hit me up.

  11. Abril 13th, 2019

    uve done this already -_-

  12. Abril 13th, 2019

    He sounds like he took a hit or a few before recording this vo

  13. Abril 13th, 2019

    4/20 drinks