Do you want edibles? Are you on a budget? Go get some cheap cannabis shake and get cooking… In this video Scott shows you how to make edibles on any budget, if you live in Denver. Please leave a comment and give a thumbs up if you liked this video. Check out all of our videos, including many…

3 Comments to: Making Easy Cannabis Edibles on a Budget in Denver (product review / Cannabis)

  1. Abril 14th, 2019

    im not sure if yall have tried but if not yall should try decarbing herb wrapped in foil airtight at 225 for a hour it keeps any th, c from evaporating while insuring all thca is converted. i decarb oil in jar on simmering water till no more bubbles, but i havent done near as much research into oil as flowers. enjoyed the vid and goodluck in the future

  2. Abril 14th, 2019

    I had to watch you twice good info homie 420 love

  3. Abril 14th, 2019

    Love the video I just support you!support me and all my growers n stoners and they we support you GBI squad 420 love