NEW 2017 Method! Make pure vapeable e liquid at home WITHOUT the use of any glycerin or glycol. Check links for ingredients below
BUY Terpene solution-
glass mixing vessel-…

21 Comments to: Marijuana E Liquid ADVANCED Tutorial HOW TO MAKE Cannabis E Juice from weed or keif

  1. Mayo 13th, 2019

    End result is expensive, since yield off a hair straightener is very lousy. Even with a hydraulic press, you're looking at around 5-10grams per ounce. With this method you're probably looking at 2-4grams per ounce.

  2. Mayo 13th, 2019

    Surely this would work with hash oil( made from isopropyl)& mixed,you'd probably get more too.

  3. Mayo 13th, 2019

    Anybody know any affordable pens for weed oil ?

  4. Mayo 13th, 2019

    Im willing to try this but….. does it get you fucked up?

  5. Mayo 13th, 2019

    Hi there!
    First of all I want to thank you for your vids.
    It’s really help me to get much better knowledge about this issue.

    I want to ask you about my the oil.
    I’m using a CRUMBLE WAX.
    When I make my V-PEN thc oil I use the JUUL.
    I mixing the CRUMBLE with this Terapen oil.
    My ratio is 1 to 3.
    I see that when I mixed it together and boil it it’s looks really good but a few minutes later the mix is getting really thick.

    I want to ask if there something that I do wrong or can improve in order to get better results.

    Thank you again and hope to ear from you soon.

    Nir. 😉

  6. Mayo 13th, 2019

    Talks to much it's a American thing its cuz they dumb you have to explain word by word

  7. Mayo 13th, 2019

    try not to talk to much next time

  8. Mayo 13th, 2019

    How many mil of terpenes per each mil of oil?

  9. Mayo 13th, 2019

    That was a long winded video for 3 minutes of instruction

  10. Mayo 13th, 2019

    How many milligrams would that one cart be???

  11. Mayo 13th, 2019

    Steam distill, make your own terp juice

  12. Mayo 13th, 2019

    is this like a homemade thc cartridge…right?

  13. Mayo 13th, 2019

    can you use cooking oil instead of the potion or whatever???

  14. Mayo 13th, 2019