Chinese food in America is changing as Chinese-American immigrant identity strengthens and China’s global power surges. 

With China’s economic boom, the image of its people has changed—and Chinese cuisine has developed along with it. Today, New York City is seeing a proliferation of…

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  1. Mayo 15th, 2019

    Chinese people in the US have always known and sought out real Chinese food. Until a bout 30 years ago Americans mostly thought Chinese food was chop suey , pork fried rice, ss pork and almond chicken. Ain't no real Chinese gonna eat that stuff. most if not all these Chinese chop suey joint were owned by southern Cantonese folks to make a living as most of them were village folks and not well educated
    it started changing when northern food started coming into the US mid 80's via a lot of Korean Chinese. that was the start of the death of chop suey joints Then came a wave of taiwanese immigration and finally the early 2k mainland chinese .

    i have been in my area (Seattle) for 50 years and was in the food buisness . Every time i go eat real Chinese food i find it great that i see lots more non Chinese enjoying real Chinese food.

  2. Mayo 15th, 2019

    It’s different. Us early chinese immigrant families came here with nothing. These rich international Chinese students coming from China probably never worked a day of their lives. Also, NYC doesn’t represent the entire country. In small suburbs, General tso chicken will still be the food to go for most Americans.

  3. Mayo 15th, 2019

    I enjoy American Style Asian foods… ONLY because that is what is served in 99.9% of Asian Style Restaurants currently… is not Asia changing my food preferences, it is ME adventuring beyond my American-Italian / New England roots… I would welcome tasting some authentic Chinese foods but China is not influencing my taste… I am influencing my taste… you are suggesting American's have to be forced to change… LOL… we invented change by accepting ALL Cultures into our culinary platters… The fact that no Chinese restaurateur, until recently, has attempted to market authentic Chinese dishes can only be explained by the commercialization and expectation of the general American Culture… don't change what works… the Chinese aren't stupid people when food and money are concerned… American's never "rejected" authentic Chinese Cuisine… we ate what we were presented with… and as an additional note, NO I am not going to eat life octopus or order food that is cooked live… does that make me a Culinary Racist?… lol… I make my own Hot Oil and usually have Chinese Style noodles for breakfast…

  4. Mayo 15th, 2019


  5. Mayo 15th, 2019

    When you talk about Chinese food, it is actually closer to European food than Italian food. It is way too diverse.

  6. Mayo 15th, 2019

    American Chinese food is every bit as "real" and "authentic" as any Chinese diaspora cuisine ie Taiwanese, Singaporean, Malaysian etc.

  7. Mayo 15th, 2019

    Chinese food isn’t changing. The food is just becoming more authentic in America than before. Chinese don’t eat General Tsao or teriyaki chicken in China.

  8. Mayo 15th, 2019

    U see asian food i quite a boom

  9. Mayo 15th, 2019

    All Asian food is better than western food. I will stand by this

  10. Mayo 15th, 2019

    I'm general Tso. I have thumbed down this video.

  11. Mayo 15th, 2019

    0:22 I love the Chinese restaurant on the right. Go there 3x a week.

  12. Mayo 15th, 2019

    hmm eating a bowl of noodles today, the same bowl they ate like a thousand years ago doesn't mean they (chinese) have any more complexity at all, nor the "future"
    i would put $2 in saying a kid from a you tube video is going to be more of a hit in the future than a bowl of noodles.

  13. Mayo 15th, 2019

    Andrew Zimmern was right, most chinese restaurants in America sells shitty americanized crap, which has nothing to do with real chinese food and it cheapens the chinese food so much and gives a bad reputation to chinese cuisine.

  14. Mayo 15th, 2019

    Does Quarts finance by the Chinese government as part of their SOFT power?

  15. Mayo 15th, 2019

    So, this should actually be called "New York foodies are finally embracing real Chinese food," because bro here doesn't even mention anything outside of the five boroughs.

  16. Mayo 15th, 2019

    Being Chinese, I seen lots of Chinese restaurant owners being immigrants that can't afford to experiment with different flavors, because they'll risk losing money in America if people don't like it. So they try to be safe and make the food flavored more towards American food.

    But now, around a decade or so has passed, and most of China's past immigrants have settled in the US. Restaurants can now be comfortable putting authentic Chinese food in their menus and have redefined Chinese food in America.

  17. Mayo 15th, 2019

    Real Chinese food is great but it will be a sad day if ever you can't buy a fat plate of sesame chicken or creamy coconut shrimp.