Learn how to test and adjust soil PH for growing cannabis plants today on Seeds, Soil & Sun: Season 2: Episode 2. Sponsored by ZampleBox eJuice subscription service, visit https://www.zamplebox.com/

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11 Comments to: How to Test & Adjust Soil PH for Growing Cannabis Plants ( Seeds, Soil & Sun: Season 2 Ep 2)

  1. Mayo 15th, 2019

    Hey y'all thanks for the videos. Question though,I'm in Oklahoma and the Cannabis business is booming like crazy right now. I'm trying to find ways to make concentrate as affordably as I possibly can to try and market it and some of the dispensaries around here. Any advice or ways you can think of too cheaply produce high-quality concentrates?

  2. Mayo 15th, 2019

    Very good video you guys, informative!

  3. Mayo 15th, 2019

    So convenient you started this segment because I just started growing

  4. Mayo 15th, 2019

    Now am doin aquaponics no soil used this season, you need to try it, useful video tho

  5. Mayo 15th, 2019

    Whats the pH of the water you use to test with? Wouldn't that influence the pH of your soil?

  6. Mayo 15th, 2019

    I love how humble you guys are. Your videos are always so nice to watch <3

  7. Mayo 15th, 2019

    ABSOLUTELY LOVE SEEDS SOIL AND SUN SERIES! I JUST WISH THERE WERE MORE VIDEOS TO WATCH! I can't get enough of your professional quality, educational videos. Keep up the good work!