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In this episode of “From Seed to Stoned” I show you guys how to make medical grade cannabutter. I take you through my whole…

45 Comments to: How To Make Potent Medical Grade Cannabutter

  1. Julio 10th, 2019

    Man who knew a piece of toast could get you so baked! Lets see your favorite recipe below! Cheers 🙂

  2. Julio 10th, 2019

    Anyone able to help. I made 1 cup oil coconut oil I fixed with 60 grams of rosin pucks . How much should I eat I ate 1/4 teaspoon l.

  3. Julio 10th, 2019

    Is there any benefit to using the pouches? Putting the ground weed directly into the butter seems like it would make it more potent. Just filter and squeeze the mix through some cheese cloth when you're straining it.

  4. Julio 10th, 2019

    Do I need to bake the weed if I’m using rosin pucks ? Need some help ! First time for me!!!! I’m using coconut oil

  5. Julio 10th, 2019

    Cannabutter croissant, that must be lit

  6. Julio 10th, 2019

    I have been using your videos for my very first grow from seed and I have also used a few of your other videos. I must say that in a market flooded with the weirdest kinds of things, you're high quality videos are not only professional grade but nice to watch. Even your voice is nice. Thank you for not being another stereotypical Stoner video maker.

  7. Julio 10th, 2019

    one of the most informative relatable cannabis videos ive seen. thank you

  8. Julio 10th, 2019

    Hey y so much it cost $15 g in my state

  9. Julio 10th, 2019

    nice, i am munching on med cannabutter rice crispy squares. mmm i love edibles. much love and respect.

  10. Julio 10th, 2019

    What about adding lecithin and clarifying you butter? These are two very important steps. Clarifying removes the milk solids from the butter alowing it to store longer and burn at a higher tempiture. Soy lecithin or sunflower lecithin will act as an emulsifyer and should help to distribute the thc better . check it out helped my edibles tremendously 🙂

  11. Julio 10th, 2019

    So how much butter would I use for a 3.5?

  12. Julio 10th, 2019

    Great video in every aspect. Just wished you had made a smaller batch for us still in the dark ages.
    "take 50 to 60 grams"…. Uhhh that's a months wages worth of weed.

  13. Julio 10th, 2019

    Most annoying music I've ever heard.

  14. Julio 10th, 2019

    Medical grade cannibuttwr wouldn't get you high yunno

  15. Julio 10th, 2019

    45 minutes at 250C, that would burn 😐

  16. Julio 10th, 2019

    Loving this channel! Thank you for the awesome tips!!! Subscribed!!

  17. Julio 10th, 2019

    can anyone explain why people like wrapping the bud in cheese cloth pouches instead of just pouring it straight in and just straining with the cheese cloth at the end instead. I feel the pouches prevent the bud from mixing with the butter properly and hurts the infusion, plus he strains it at the end anyway… or are the pouches to prevent the weed from burning on the side of the pan i don't get it.

  18. Julio 10th, 2019

    Why does everyone always boil the butter for 3+ hours? This video doesn't boil it… I'm confused now

  19. Julio 10th, 2019

    I throw some butter in my morning coffee every day… best way to get the day started

  20. Julio 10th, 2019

    Cool, bro, i'll try that one soon i think 😀 My autoflower harvest is going to happen soon.

  21. Julio 10th, 2019

    "medicate" my food. i hate it when people say that unironically lol

  22. Julio 10th, 2019

    I've read that it's good to mix up the grounded buds every 10 min or so while in the oven during decarboxylation, but you mentioned that it's important to leave the oven door closed during this process. Just curious as to why that's important, and if the "mixing" is even necessary. Never made cannabutter before so I'm learning. Great vid!

  23. Julio 10th, 2019

    can you use 100% tricomes instead of the rest of the plant material? and if yes then do you just follow your recipe as in your vid? thanks.

  24. Julio 10th, 2019

    I just did is it’s so good I feels stoned

  25. Julio 10th, 2019

    I wish we could do this in Australia

  26. Julio 10th, 2019

    60g weed.
    I dont even know how many god damn years I would sit in jail if that would be found in my room

  27. Julio 10th, 2019

    Yall its only a half oz per stick of butter.

    That’s only $75. Add $15 for the other necessities to make the butter and thats $90.

    Most brownie recipes call for a half stick of butter, occasionally a whole one.

    If you cut 18 brownies out of your batch, and sell them for $10/ea thats WORST CASES SCENARIO $90 profit.

    Honestly guys.. do the math before commenting.

  28. Julio 10th, 2019

    When your baking it does it smell and which part smells the most

  29. Julio 10th, 2019

    Best walkthru on YouTube good job dude

  30. Julio 10th, 2019

    Can I decarb in a toaster oven?

  31. Julio 10th, 2019

    From Seed to Stoned
    : wonder why every one stop watch after 1:30?

  32. Julio 10th, 2019

    What do I do with the water that is left after making canna butter?

  33. Julio 10th, 2019

    If you want a healthier butter, use coconut oil instead of milk butter. I garantee, your body and mind go to another place. Lighter, nicer, cleaner, Free animals breeze