mota marijuana maryjane weed herb yesca LMAO

-Narco Corridos La Marijuana _ El Gordito De Sinaloa 2010

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  1. Julio 11th, 2019

    the good stuff all i need is a bowl of menudo and some lemon

  2. Julio 11th, 2019

    That shit was funny as fuck thought it was real shit bud'z

  3. Julio 11th, 2019

    Sorry that aint weed people. Its looks like shit straight outta Mexico.

  4. Julio 11th, 2019

    Lol nasty shit

  5. Julio 11th, 2019

    The only problem I see is that he still has a gamecube…smfh

  6. Julio 11th, 2019

    man fuck you. racist hicks like you shouldnt be allowed near computers bc you simply waste your time acting like you are so much better than everyone else. again: FUCK YOU white trash piece of shit, obviously its supposed to be a joke i mean its not like he was trying to hide it, its a joke so loosen up

  7. Julio 11th, 2019

    That's the shot that Mexicans smoke.

  8. Julio 11th, 2019

    to all, I KNOW ITS OREGANO…

  9. Julio 11th, 2019

    @yourfavoriteunicorn you know fuck you and i know its oregano and your the dumb bitch who thoght it was weed at first…

  10. Julio 11th, 2019

    oregano beotch look at the bag seal at the mutha fukin top of the bag it says OREGENO dUmB BITCH

  11. Julio 11th, 2019

    Um guys… Its oregano. Its a cooking herb. Lmfao

  12. Julio 11th, 2019

    that looks like it grew in a mexicans ass, shitty ass weed nice.

  13. Julio 11th, 2019

    wow! your weed sucks! It's all seedy and nasty and shit!!! looks like cartel brick crap!!!!

  14. Julio 11th, 2019


  15. Julio 11th, 2019

    LMFAO some bush shake wtf

  16. Julio 11th, 2019

    I dare you to go try and sell that to a cop!

  17. Julio 11th, 2019

    Thats some fucking oregano! Lmao

  18. Julio 11th, 2019

    Its oregano ? haha stop tweaking everyone