We are happy to now offer a shelf stable diy at-home gummy kit with full tutorial.

Updated Tutorial with Shelf Stable Recipe Kit Available – https://youtu.be/mPp_w0V0hOk



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26 Comments to: THC Infused Gummy Bears (New Video Uploaded with Available Kit)

  1. Agosto 11th, 2019

    Bought the Candy Maker it is worth it wait in GOLD Love It!!! Gummies Turned Out Yummy!!! Thank You For The Share!!!

  2. Agosto 11th, 2019

    Something is not clicking in my brain…please help me! The 850 mg TruClear…..that is referencing the dosage correct? Was it 1 oz of 850 mg concentrate that you used? Thank you!

  3. Agosto 11th, 2019

    Would it be ok if I used more packs of gelatin? Maybe 4 or 5? I live in high humidity. Thanks.

  4. Agosto 11th, 2019

    Do I have to use the lecithin?

  5. Agosto 11th, 2019

    How many thc is in each gummy

  6. Agosto 11th, 2019

    Also how strong is the smell

  7. Agosto 11th, 2019

    I can’t find a good place to buy the THC anyone have any advice

  8. Agosto 11th, 2019

    At 8:47 you stated that they were on the freezer but I don’t see when to place them the freezer in the directions, sorry I’m a bit dyslexic

  9. Agosto 11th, 2019

    Two quick questions, I bought some citric acid powder to extend the life of the gummies, how much should I use and when should I place it in the mix? Also can I add 2 truclear 850mg concentrates instead of one?

  10. Agosto 11th, 2019

    How many gummies will you get per Bach?

  11. Agosto 11th, 2019

    For everyone actually planning to buy the candy maker…. Don't be stupid! You already have everything you need! Save your money.

  12. Agosto 11th, 2019

    You explained this so very well!! Thank you for all the good tips. I'm a subscriber now, thank you!

  13. Agosto 11th, 2019

    Do you have to decarb the concentrate?

  14. Agosto 11th, 2019

    How many mg thc in each?

  15. Agosto 11th, 2019

    Nice video thank you for showing us how you make your gummies

  16. Agosto 11th, 2019

    that lady is high on her own supply

  17. Agosto 11th, 2019

    where can I get the concentrate?

  18. Agosto 11th, 2019

    How much home made canna oil would need to be in this as a substitute for the true clear you used?

  19. Agosto 11th, 2019

    I have canna oil, how much should I use ?

  20. Agosto 11th, 2019

    Do syringe concentrates need to be decarbed?

  21. Agosto 11th, 2019

    Any way of doing these without gelatine? (i.e. vegan)

  22. Agosto 11th, 2019

    I’m using 1G and essentially following your recipe exactly. It seems that my concentrations aren’t being absorbed well into the mixture. I’m pretty sure you can see the concentrate swirling in a few of the molds. Please help!!!!

  23. Agosto 11th, 2019

    How long are they good for in the fridge an can you store them out of the fridge if so how long

  24. Agosto 11th, 2019

    So you only used 2/3 cup water with these?