In this exclusive video by, “Survivor: Africa” winner and former professional soccer player Ethan Zohn talks about crippling anxiety, overcoming cancer, using CBD, and how cannabis ultimately helped him regain his life.



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2 Comments to: Survivor Ethan Zohn on How Cannabis Changed His Life

  1. Agosto 11th, 2019

    I've always been fond of Ethan. This adds a whole new layer to him, I can't quite imagine what he went through but I can relate with the feeling of being paralyzed by fear and stressful thoughts. Six important minutes to help us understand and destigmatize cannabis. I hope you enjoy a long healthy life and I hope you rock season 40!

  2. Agosto 11th, 2019

    And hes coming on season 40. So brave. Your my favorite survivor ever, Ethan, ever since Africa.