In this video we walk you through how you can make your own THC oil cartridges to vaporize through a vape pen. Here is a list of what you’ll need:
Shatter Batter Liqudizer:
CCell TH2 Oil Cartages –
CCell Vape Batteries –

29 Comments to: How to Make Your Own THC Oil Cartridges for Vaping

  1. Agosto 13th, 2019

    correct me if I'm wrong but those are some weak ass carts. look at the air bubble at 6:40 … and that's it slow motion. very runny… .3 grams wax and 1ml liquidizer?
    that cart is like 18-25% thc lmao.

    Actually it’s probably even lower. If that wax is 80% thc, .3 is 240mg of thc, then you diluted it 3times with the Liquidizer. 240/3=80. 80mg of thc suspended in liquidizer gives you a final percent of 8% thc per gram/ml.

  2. Agosto 13th, 2019

    Can you do this with BHO

  3. Agosto 13th, 2019

    Hi I have edible thc oil, can I mix some vape juice and thc oil to same some thc juice? TIA

  4. Agosto 13th, 2019

    Does it matter what kind of coil you should use for this concentrate? Would it work fine with a .6 ohm mesh coil?

  5. Agosto 13th, 2019

    Ok so got some pre filled 1gr cartridges. Halfway thru 2 of them are clogging up and getting harder to hit. What can I do??

  6. Agosto 13th, 2019

    Call me ignorant but …I have this here 75% Pure Co2 Extracted Fully Activated and refined oil purchased from a dispensary. I cannot find how to do this exact same thing but not wax. Is wax the same uh..potency as this type of oil I have? Can I mix it with a vape juice and put it in my cart then vape out of a regular vaping pen? I have one premixed crap cart "lucky charms " and was gonna try to re-use that cart. I shouldn't have to heat it like you mixing with base and all would I? Since its already and "extracted" and activated oil? Medical grade. Thanks!

  7. Agosto 13th, 2019

    Thank you!! Ive watched so many of these videos about mixing these liquids and none have been as informative or easy to follow.

  8. Agosto 13th, 2019

    Mixing dabs with tarps, but after half the cartridge it keep clogging up… your thoughts??

  9. Agosto 13th, 2019

    Can you do it with hash?

  10. Agosto 13th, 2019

    I like to mix terpenes in with my distillate. Sweeterps makes really great terpene profiles and that's all I use. Vaping on their Gelato right now and the flavor is amazing. I thnk they are running a promotion for 10% off using Terp10 as the coupon code.

  11. Agosto 13th, 2019

    420 (000) views! Stop watching.

  12. Agosto 13th, 2019

    I need a source for 1ml carts that don't leak and give a good rip. Some of the cheaper ones have holes that are too big and too much air gets mixed in. Any recommendations are appreciated.

  13. Agosto 13th, 2019

    This is Handy, because you can mess around with it until you find a strength that works for you. Now, are the premade carts that they sell in dispensaries 1/1 ratio? Like 1 gram of concentrate to 1 ml e-juice? I noticed that you did 0.3 grams of concentrates to 1 ml of e-juice. I was just wondering if dispensaries were like 1/1 or what they do to get those 97% thc lvls lol.

  14. Agosto 13th, 2019

    Hmm baked huh.

  15. Agosto 13th, 2019

    Anyone found this video while high ?

  16. Agosto 13th, 2019

    Will 100 percent edible cannabis oil work and terps?

  17. Agosto 13th, 2019

    Will just terps and concentrate work?

  18. Agosto 13th, 2019

    Would this process create a lot of smell?

  19. Agosto 13th, 2019

    What's the name of the stuff you mixed to make these ?

  20. Agosto 13th, 2019

    Why do all these psychopaths on YouTube touch their oil. Latex gloves are cheap and finger oil taste disgusting.

  21. Agosto 13th, 2019

    Why not just use terps themselves to dissolve the concentrate?
    Shatter Batter I'm sure is just PG, VG, PEG or a blend of them. Plus flavors if you get their flavored ones.

  22. Agosto 13th, 2019

    How to we find/buy the cannabis THC oil??

  23. Agosto 13th, 2019

    Can you use 0 percent Nicotine to make wax Cartridges??

  24. Agosto 13th, 2019

    Why would you ruin perfectly good dabs lmaooooo

  25. Agosto 13th, 2019

    So I bought shatter batter put 3ml and put 1g of wax shatter and its turn very dark when the cartridge is almost out why is that?

  26. Agosto 13th, 2019

    Could I get a rosin press get fresh rosin. warm it up a lil add Turpines and fill the cart?

  27. Agosto 13th, 2019

    How can you tell if you added the right amount when smoking it?