What’s the best device to vape THC E Liquid? (Pods, Tanks or Cartridges).
Along with the growing popularity of vaping THC E Liquid comes a slew of new vaping devices. But which vape system is best? Let’s explore the pros and cons of Cartridges, Pods and Tanks.

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  1. Agosto 16th, 2019

    I didn’t realise vaping gets you baked asf I take 3 puffs from my pen and I’m high asf what’s weird is the high only lasts about 30 mins, i like vaping because it’s discrete but it hit me like a ton of bricks

  2. Agosto 16th, 2019

    I have the istic pico 25 can i smoke with that ?

  3. Agosto 16th, 2019

    I plan to vape some cannabis e- liquid made from vegetable glycerin but I'm reading online that one disadvantage of tanks over pods is that they're difficult to clean. Is it true? Also, is it true that to get a nice hit for THC you need a good tank with at least 100 watts or more?

  4. Agosto 16th, 2019

    Can i buy THC e liquid from u?

  5. Agosto 16th, 2019

    What are those cartridges in the thumbnail called anyone?

  6. Agosto 16th, 2019

    i had a dab pen and got a class B felony niceeeeeeeeeee

  7. Agosto 16th, 2019

    How would you achieve a liquid thin enough and emulsified enough to allow the use of rosin in a mod tank?

  8. Agosto 16th, 2019

    can i do this with rso thc paste?

  9. Agosto 16th, 2019

    Where can I order the oil and the vape pen? I live in the uk

  10. Agosto 16th, 2019

    Thank you! For a very insightful video. I have been active in the medical marijuana field now for six months and I feel I have a straight answer for the first time about the differences between oil systems. Again I thank you 🙂

  11. Agosto 16th, 2019

    You can smoke distillate out of those tank things ??

  12. Agosto 16th, 2019

    Can someone tell me the rebuildable coil, tank combo he was using? I want a rebuildable for the fun, but not a squanch, and I'm not trying to drip the wick very often.

  13. Agosto 16th, 2019

    Does the concentrate/extract, have to be winterized in order to make E-liqiud?

  14. Agosto 16th, 2019

    For what it's worth…The black stuff in the bottom of the cartridges is burnt product. You are using too many watts to vape your stuff. It has been my lot to struggle through this crap until I figured out the smoking gun – my favorite battery put out 20 watts and was turning my stuff black, while my little Palm battery, at 9.5 watts, never did. So I tried using another battery where I could dial-in the watts, 3 – 30, and experimented up and down until I found the sweet spot at 7 – 15 watts , lower the better in the group. I no longer burn any of my carts.

    I don't use any VG or PEG in my mix, just PG. I mix at a 1 : 1 ratio, PG to wax, adding terps at 2 drops per ml or gram. With this mix it vapes well, isn't cut too thin but it will clog the cart within 4 -6 uses, regardless of type (ceramic or cotton wick). Since I add terpenes, I get no bad wick taste so the much cheaper cotton wicked carts are fine, and at about $.80 each if you shop around, they are far more economical than the $5.50 each for ceramics.

    [Edited to reflect my new mix at 1 : 1 ratio, instead of the 2 : 1 that I used prior to the present time and mix. Improved potency the reason for change. This new mix ratio vapes well enough when you lower the watts into the sweet spot of 7-15 watts. Vapes fine, no burning but the carts still only live for 4-5, maybe 6 fill-ups.]

  15. Agosto 16th, 2019

    I’m a novice user. What’s the big one called? A tank. What can I buy?

  16. Agosto 16th, 2019

    What is your favorite method? Mine are cartridges but I haven't been able to try others

  17. Agosto 16th, 2019

    whats a good cheap pen that works well for homemade thc ejuices made from actual herb? Not sure if that still qualifies for a ejuice or eOil lol

  18. Agosto 16th, 2019

    That oil you keep loading looks cloudy and gross. Buying your own shatter or wax still leaves the buyer with the same questions.

  19. Agosto 16th, 2019

    Can u put a normal juice in there not just wax?

  20. Agosto 16th, 2019

    E juice is junk. Lots of toxins from the store. Go with home made stuff,dabbs

  21. Agosto 16th, 2019

    Never use microwave to mix your oils!

  22. Agosto 16th, 2019

    Who rlse depressed cuz there cart ran out so u just watchin this

  23. Agosto 16th, 2019

    I've tried multiple liquidizers, terps etc. w wax, shatter, crumble. Everything just sugars up after 24hrs in the cartridge.

  24. Agosto 16th, 2019

    I disagree the wax liquidizers all taste like shit and imo it's a waste of your fairly expensive was or concentrate

  25. Agosto 16th, 2019

    It all depends on the persons preference, tolerance and also lung capacity.

  26. Agosto 16th, 2019

    Hitting wax juice out of a tank will get you absolutely ripped

  27. Agosto 16th, 2019

    So you can use e juice vapes to vape thx oil ?

  28. Agosto 16th, 2019

    How potent are the vape juices using rosin? Is it worth turning into vape juice as rosin itself is potent. I have shatter and rosin and want to start making my own vape juice. Can someonr guide to best cartridges for beginners for a good and even burn and taste. Thank you

  29. Agosto 16th, 2019

    You recommend tanks with cotton. Those are good for e juice Vaping…not thc oil! Its too thick..alot wasted when cotton soaks it up and it will gunk up coils. You want a ceramic tank with coils inside ceramic! Omg.

  30. Agosto 16th, 2019

    I can’t find any THC eLiquids . Didn’t know you could make your own with shatter . Ooooo lol