Learn how to make your own concentrates & extracts in your kitchen using the Source Turbo by ExtractCraft! Available at www.extractcraft.com

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  1. Septiembre 9th, 2019

    Where can I find a list of all the things (canna related) that I can do with the finished product?

  2. Septiembre 9th, 2019

    I stir it for 3 minutes with a fork I don't break the material up just stir

  3. Septiembre 9th, 2019

    Got a batch of GSC about ready for harvest. Planning to buy your unit and make a 50% VG diluted oil for vaping from it. Never done it before so I figure I'll get the best equip.

    Can you tell me, do I need to dry and cure my flower to perform this oil extraction method?

  4. Septiembre 9th, 2019

    looks good…but nobody can trust anyone with this many thumbs downs. There is a reason why this many people are so unhappy…too bad, i was really interested too!

  5. Septiembre 9th, 2019

    Do not store your extracts in silicone!!!!!
    As the cannabis industry continues to innovate with new products, services, and discoveries, one area that is often overlooked is packaging. What your medicine is stored in is a big deal. Not only is it important in maintaining quality and freshness, but also in preventing contamination.
    Most packaging options that are used in the industry today consist of silicone in various grades. Terpenes are considered a natural solvent, they are reactive compounds which can adversely interact with silicone and other materials. Higher concentrations and purities of terpenes can dissolve even the highest grades of silicone.
    It has been known for a long time in other industries such as the cleaning chemical and cosmetic industries that some terpenes are not compatible with silicone.

    Example: Common uses of d-Limonene(one of the most common terpenes in cannabis):
    General Purpose Cleaner
    Uncured Silicone Remover
    Resin Remover
    Adhesive and label remover
    Silicone Thinner
    Ink Thinner

    We are a new industry but that does not excuse our ignorance when the information is widely available to us. It is our responsibility to take every possible step to ensure the quality and safety of our products.

    Source: https://www.tom-parker.co.uk/upload/files/literature/CPC_Chemical_Compatibility_Chart_(_261_KB_)_.pdf

  6. Septiembre 9th, 2019

    What are your yield percentages

  7. Septiembre 9th, 2019

    Make sure to use unbleached coffee filters

  8. Septiembre 9th, 2019

    This video was great. Tks. I bought one on ebay

  9. Septiembre 9th, 2019

    hows the flavor comparison to CO2 extraction with same material

  10. Septiembre 9th, 2019

    Whats the price and do you send to Holland ?

  11. Septiembre 9th, 2019

    Does this use heat to vaporize it?

  12. Septiembre 9th, 2019

    Could you produce a vapor without heating the element thus retaining its plant properties but having in an aqueous form since vapor collected would make it have only water no alcohol. Could you make a custom unit that does this for me?

  13. Septiembre 9th, 2019

    How do you dissolve an extract within an extract. For example I want to make an extract preservative for all my other extracts. How would I use this device to evenrly distribute that preservative extract in all my extracts no matter what consistency it is

  14. Septiembre 9th, 2019

    How much volume of alcohol would be present if it was just a tincture? How can I remove the alcohol completely from it completely? I would like to do so to prevent toxic elements of methanol and then find the appropriate solvent for the residue

  15. Septiembre 9th, 2019

    How do you use the extracted oil to become the preservative if oil doesn’t dissolve in Aqeuous tinctures?

  16. Septiembre 9th, 2019

    Does it work with making something other than oils such as a liquid concentrate

  17. Septiembre 9th, 2019

    Should the botanical be dried before freezing or cut from plant and frozen

  18. Septiembre 9th, 2019

    I can’t believe this is for a QUIZO!! I never saw a MACHINE for it.

  19. Septiembre 9th, 2019

    Man I need cash for this shit

  20. Septiembre 9th, 2019

    I wish I could afford it the rate I make oil and waste the ever clear sweet system maybe some day I'll be able to get one I may not waste as much great work guys

  21. Septiembre 9th, 2019

    It wasn't a 95% return on alcohol

  22. Septiembre 9th, 2019

    I'm used to doing the Rick Simson method I like to crush the plant material to get everything I can from the plant so my alcohol is dark green.
    I need something with a little more capacity, at the rate of this extraction, this would take about 6 months.

  23. Septiembre 9th, 2019

    Here’s what I don’t get with this machine.You don’t need to extract with co2 to get crude? to then winterize in ethanol? I understand you don’t need rotovape to reclaim the ethanol with this but what the difference in using SPD and this unit?

  24. Septiembre 9th, 2019

    If you soak your plant matter in the ethanol overnight in the freezer you'll get more concentrated tricomes, overnight the liquid will become a more amber color. You're welcome.

  25. Septiembre 9th, 2019

    Can you Isopropyl? Anyone making shatter with the oil they get with the machine?

  26. Septiembre 9th, 2019

    If you use this machine and this process, I realize that the extracted oil isn't decarbed. So,…My question is,…If I use it in a vape pen, doesn't the heat from the vape pen coil decarb the oil as it's drawn through ?? Excuse me for my ignorance,. I'm in the "learning curve" right now :o)