Cannabis legalization is spreading across the globe. In this visionary talk, criminologist Akwasi Owusu-Bempah shares his insights on the people who have been most impacted by drug prohibition and explains how the economic benefits of legalization can be used to promote positive social change….

6 Comments to: The Untapped Promise of Cannabis Legalization | Akwasi Owusu-Bempah | TEDxToronto

  1. Septiembre 9th, 2019

    Financial aid is NOT contingent upon your background. This man is bologna

  2. Septiembre 9th, 2019

    The prohibiton of cannabis was made to protect and increase the profits and interests of certain western drug industries, especially the alcohol industry. It is a clear case of class suppression of the worst possible kind disregarding especially the people and cultures of the htird world. Securing immense profits for a few very rich western capitalists by forcing the third world to prohibit cannabis , legalise alcohol and violently and ruthlessly enforcing a global trade monopoly for alcohol. Even allowing dictators like Duterte to illegally kill his own people and promoting the war on drugs to be used for political purposes by severely corrupt local elites in many third world countries.
    The case is very clear since when the SAME capitalists families for centuries made their money on selling many thousand tons of opiums in the SAME countries they forced these same countries to legalise the opiumtrade. For example China was forced to legalise opium by losing two wars against Britain (google "the opium wars"). Only after losing their asian colonies in the second world and thus theprofits from opium began France and Britain to seriously enforce the prohibition of the drugs of the third wolrd, like opium and cannabis.
    The SERIOUS problem with the prohibition and legalisation of cannabis is that the western elite is not charged for their crimes against the peoples of the third world. Including those that they commit today in especially the oil-rich countries

  3. Septiembre 9th, 2019

    Thank you for your fantastic speech and advocacy for the cannabis community.

  4. Septiembre 9th, 2019

    I love hearing Akwasi Owusu- Bempah speak, phenomenal work he is doing.

  5. Septiembre 9th, 2019

    Why does he take so much time to talk about race…?