Delicious and Fun, these Lucky Charm Treats are the perfect Edible!

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6 Comments to: Cannabis Lucky Charm Treats – Infused Food Recipe

  1. Septiembre 10th, 2019

    Can I use cannabis syrup instead of canna butter

  2. Septiembre 10th, 2019

    I am so gonna do this for Saint Patty's day and ofcourse make regular ones for the non cool people who only just drink.

  3. Septiembre 10th, 2019

    Btw thanks for the video

  4. Septiembre 10th, 2019

    What size should I cut my squares if I made a batch with 300mg infused butter in a 13×9 pan

  5. Septiembre 10th, 2019

    Put the budder in first so the marshmallows dont stick to the pan u can add up to 1/4 of a cup if u want them extra extra strong. Use any cereal u want.