Today we look at Master Kush, she’s plowing through week 4 of flower, everyday her buds are noticeably bigger compared to the day before! nutrients are fueling this plant very well!

Here is a link to another test user who’s doing very well with the NPK420 nutrients, if you’re…

24 Comments to: Master Kush Cannabis Plant. Her Buds Are Flowering So Fast & Are So Big!

  1. Septiembre 11th, 2019

    thanks bro!!! i sent you very bad quality message, hahahahaha, i really need help, but maybe with your tips i already found out the problem, but lets see/// i will send on instagram a video /o/ love your videos, thanks bro

  2. Septiembre 11th, 2019

    ???????What are the differences between growing a Kush strain, compared to say like an OG strain? Does either one of those produce a more of a dense bud? Is a kush strain fluffier than an OG? Just had to ask! Been wondering. Grower's Luv and happy growing!

  3. Septiembre 11th, 2019

    Old school genetics are the best. Many clone only strain are renamed old school strains.

  4. Septiembre 11th, 2019

    How long until those buds are ready to pick?

  5. Septiembre 11th, 2019

    Thanks for the service

  6. Septiembre 11th, 2019

    Love the Kush….

  7. Septiembre 11th, 2019

    My og sour looks just like that

  8. Septiembre 11th, 2019

    You guys wouldn't have to answer stupid questions if the Turkeys actually watched ALL of your videos. The only thing that I have learnt so far elsewhere is about Generational Fade and/or Generational Drift. Can you guys hit on this topic please as Tobacco Mosaic Virus sounds kinda scary.

  9. Septiembre 11th, 2019

    Wow!!! I just ordered a batch of Dutch Passion seeds!! Can't wait!! Great buds on this Master Kush, Pretty Work Captain!!

  10. Septiembre 11th, 2019

    I tried getting ahold of your nutrients when you said they were being given out for other growers to test. I apparently either did something wrong, got ignored maybe idk. I've been using Fox Farms soil and Roots Organics nutrients as I've been hooked up with them through my work and they have taken great care of me anytime I need something. GREAT people to work with.

  11. Septiembre 11th, 2019

    What kind of coco coir brand you use as your base before you add perlite or is it pre mixed ??? Im really appriciate your videos.

  12. Septiembre 11th, 2019

    How come the leaves are always turning down? Thought that was a bad thing.

  13. Septiembre 11th, 2019

    Question… when people start talking week 4 of flower what does that translate to because photos take longer than autos so can you answer that for the new growers and do you start counting weeks from germination or after it actually sprouts

  14. Septiembre 11th, 2019

    Why are my plants yellow, specifically sponge bob yellow? Lmao great video and plants as always and keep babbling it's great for the high

  15. Septiembre 11th, 2019

    Overfeed and deficiencies at same time. That purple is bad..especially when it’s came to the point of turning the Leaf vein color. There’s no explaining that away.

  16. Septiembre 11th, 2019

    She's a beau't.

  17. Septiembre 11th, 2019

    Besides the growing aspect, thank you for making so many videos, most(or all) look to be single take vids. Great job Wizard and team

  18. Septiembre 11th, 2019

    California light works is having a 20% off sale for Labor day weekend code: US20

  19. Septiembre 11th, 2019

    Wizard please help can i use cannazym while I'm flushing with out it affecting the tatse and smoothness of the smoke??

  20. Septiembre 11th, 2019

    Cant wait till Tuesday. Hopefully the subject i have a question gets touched on