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  1. Septiembre 13th, 2019

    we grow in a society

  2. Septiembre 13th, 2019

    Probably the most informative video on natural gardening I've seen yet.

  3. Septiembre 13th, 2019

    Have you ever heard of planting stinging nettles,for increased terpenes

  4. Septiembre 13th, 2019

    I'm beginning to understand your organic wisdom. Great video

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  6. Septiembre 13th, 2019

    Hey gromie!, Would you be kind enough to tell us where you get your corn, barley, and alfalfa seeds? What animal feed store would you recommend? I live in San Jose too! thank you!

  7. Septiembre 13th, 2019

    whoop whoop I'm glad I found your channel

  8. Septiembre 13th, 2019

    Up the Irons!!

  9. Septiembre 13th, 2019

    Yo BigDog, I know this is an old video, not even sure if you’ll get to this, but I’m not an organic farmer. Probably won’t be, but can I use Alf Teas for your “Stacked Nodal spacing theory” alongside my normal regiment? Does it fluctuate the PH a great deal? Will it add EC threatening burn? Thx GromeSlice!!!! Stay Frosty ☃️ my friend! Cheers!!

  10. Septiembre 13th, 2019

    When we sprout the seeds grind them up can we mix grinded sprouts together into the same rez? You mention about almost everything there, can we mix all that are required a weekly feeding.

  11. Septiembre 13th, 2019

    You want help documenting this for your viewers and post it?

  12. Septiembre 13th, 2019

    Have you ever got mushrooms growed out of the soil near the weed plants ????

  13. Septiembre 13th, 2019

    chitin is pronounced kite in. like flying a kite. We're going kitin. Chitin. Aka the exoskeletons of crabs and bugs.

  14. Septiembre 13th, 2019

    Should put a link in for the herbi diet, can't find on Amazon here

  15. Septiembre 13th, 2019

    About to use my first seed sprouted tea tomorrow blue corn and barley. I have the insect frass just got the biolive today and used a neem seed meal tea last night for the first time. I started out this year using bottled organic nutes and im transplanting into larger pots now and instead of using store bought soil and liquid nutes i am using home made soil with bone meal blood meal biolive neem seed meal insect frass azomite and some palm ashes.

  16. Septiembre 13th, 2019

    Dang you in a hoodie in january can we switch im in negative 10 with 2 feet of snow here in michigan. Hopefully florida legalizes it soon i need to move there and I can imagine how big the plants get down there probably bigger than cali. Stronger sun in florida

  17. Septiembre 13th, 2019

    I keep expecting the camera to pull back & see batman being slowly lowered into a vat of acid! Good info btw, thanks!!

  18. Septiembre 13th, 2019

    Here is a great page about the benefits of Alfalfa, and the growth hormone Triacontanol: http://www.thegardenacademy.com/soils-fertility/alfalfa-tea/
    Instead of SST it is about straight alfalfa tea, which is what I use since I feed tons of it to my sheep. I bubble brew it along with my worm juice…from my worm farm. I'd claim it was free, except that I buy it by the ton, LOL. However, the stuff I use is essentially a waste product once they're finished with it, and have added their secret spices to it. It is dynamite, for sure.

    Funny thing is I've been using it in my garden for years as mulch, for the Nitrogen and all the benefits of mulch in general, and now I know why it works so well!

  19. Septiembre 13th, 2019

    ♡ Love your vids man. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful.

  20. Septiembre 13th, 2019

    2.5 ph and 11.5 ph water from a kegan machine will save u using alot of that sprays on plant. 11.5 kills bugs and 2.5 anti fungal antioxidant

  21. Septiembre 13th, 2019

    thanks again for the info, the first few products you use, do you ferment them in a tea form as well then add it, alfalfa, barley corn etc…

  22. Septiembre 13th, 2019

    Hey you can grow your own organisms . 5gal bucket airstones and pump. Molasses or your sprout tea and white shark boom its growing.3gal of non chlorinated water Feed cup of molasses or tea when needed about every other day. Keep about 72degrees it will live as long as you feed and no chlorinated water.

  23. Septiembre 13th, 2019

    Chitin is pronounced Kite-in

  24. Septiembre 13th, 2019

    I can’t find any Aloe Vera 200times on eBay from India at all. Can someone please send a link ? That’s crazy

  25. Septiembre 13th, 2019

    I’m 16 and this my first year growing and u help me out a bunch thank you

  26. Septiembre 13th, 2019

    Man I like u more everytime I see your vids, it's great up to date info.

  27. Septiembre 13th, 2019

    Nice shout out to grow legend Clackamas Coot!
    Figured he was an influence on you 🙂

  28. Septiembre 13th, 2019

    I spray the entire ground and the pots and nearby trees with the caterpillar spray, rather than directly on the plant. I grow a couple pots of cauliflower which caterpillars love and put them around the perimeter.

  29. Septiembre 13th, 2019

    Can you make SST from alfalfa pellets?

  30. Septiembre 13th, 2019

    Corn and alfalfa are high gmo products tho

  31. Septiembre 13th, 2019

    Thanks for the info bro