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Generally speaking, Austria doesn’t often come up when discussing European cannabis culture. However, this small German-speaking country nestled in the Northern Alps presents an…

16 Comments to: This Austrian Legal Loophole Is Getting Everyone Lit | WIDE WORLD OF CANNABIS

  1. Octubre 8th, 2019

    Austria's just fine they should legalize it
    I smoked in bus stops, train stations with lots of people, at home, i ripped bongs on the streets
    It's just a loss for the state

  2. Octubre 8th, 2019

    Get out of the Fatherland you stoners. Your music is shit. Austria is the land of high culture. Stoners are lowlife, failures, who are leaches to society.

  3. Octubre 8th, 2019

    drecksössi hurenkinderz

  4. Octubre 8th, 2019

    says he grows hemp… shows us a mother room… im confused

  5. Octubre 8th, 2019

    The subtitles talk about HEMP but…. Hemp is not MARIJUANA, both plants are cousins in the CANNABIS family. Hemp wont get you high or coachlocked. Marihuana, yes. In context: There is no lethal dose in weed, the safest smoking herb on Earth. You need just 45 miligrams of nicotine to die, about smoking a whole little cigarette pack. You would need to smoke 600 kilograms of marihuana in 10 minutes to die. Its a conspiracy to allow tobacco legal and keep mariguana banned. Desde Tenochtitlan, Mexiko.

  6. Octubre 8th, 2019

    Pinche mota tan chingona que tienen estos cabrones. Me cai. Tirarla debería ser el primer mandamiento cannabico. 1 No tirarás la mota. 2. No la venderás sino que la obsequiarás. 3. Cultivarás tanta mota como te sea posible. 4. No matarás por un toque de mota. 5. No robarás mota a nadie. 6. No desearás la mota de otros cabrones. … Y asi sucesivamente… Los mexicanos tenemos en el DNA la mota, la cumbia, la música norteña y la música de mariachi.

  7. Octubre 8th, 2019

    Wth I read Australian I think I'm dyslexic

  8. Octubre 8th, 2019

    Clones, not seedlings

  9. Octubre 8th, 2019

    super doku 🙂

    Jetzt haben wir schon ein paar dokus in Wien !!!!

    immer weiter so 🙂

  10. Octubre 8th, 2019

    I thought it said Australia! You fucken druggo

  11. Octubre 8th, 2019

    Thought it said Australian, rip

  12. Octubre 8th, 2019

    its funny if you can speak german

  13. Octubre 8th, 2019

    5:50 I doubt there will be any changes soon in terms of recreational use of cannabis in Germany. 🙁