In this video I show you how to make small batch cannabutter. You can use a half gram or more and use this same technique to make cannabutter. You can also make oil too. Make sure to hit the bell to get every notification from my channel.
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44 Comments to: Small Batch Cannabutter – 2 Grams | Good Eats #25 | Bassdropkeys

  1. Octubre 9th, 2019

    Thank god every other video are using pounds and tons like i got a whole ass farm in my backyard

  2. Octubre 9th, 2019

    Trying this now with 1/4 cup butter, 3g bud and 1g shake/kief 🙂

  3. Octubre 9th, 2019

    How long does it take to expire

  4. Octubre 9th, 2019

    If the weed turned black or dark green can I still get high????

  5. Octubre 9th, 2019

    do not use some boogies ass fuckin oil yall okay? use coconut oil or butter. olive oil is not shit and peanut oil don’t fuckin work lol. not enough fat content

  6. Octubre 9th, 2019

    Was about to buy a butter maker but now no need ,, more for weed lol

  7. Octubre 9th, 2019

    Just to clarify, when he says (or you if you are reading this) "set up the double boiler" do you put water inside your pyrex as well, because other recipes I've seen add water while boiling the cannabutter.

  8. Octubre 9th, 2019

    So did you grind the weed first? My butter not looking as dark in the pot?

  9. Octubre 9th, 2019

    Would an eighth per stick get you high from a box of brownies? Especially for first time edibles

  10. Octubre 9th, 2019

    Awesome video. I did it. Came out strong af. Lol

  11. Octubre 9th, 2019

    Can you use 2gs of stems and Kief Instead of flower?

  12. Octubre 9th, 2019

    Really nice tutorial, good music and instructions are clear. Thank you dude : )

  13. Octubre 9th, 2019

    Nice one pal, thanks for sharing 🙂

  14. Octubre 9th, 2019

    How hot did u boil it

  15. Octubre 9th, 2019

    I'm in a fucking trance

  16. Octubre 9th, 2019

    Love it! Much love from Mississippi brother!!

  17. Octubre 9th, 2019

    The best recipe I saw so far, ty very much

  18. Octubre 9th, 2019

    Trying it right now.

  19. Octubre 9th, 2019

    How many doses does two grams of pot give me? Great info!

  20. Octubre 9th, 2019

    how do i figure out how to calculate how much butter i should use for slightly larger batches, i wanna use about 16 grams

  21. Octubre 9th, 2019

    You probably wanna go longer then an hour, and make sure the smaller container isn't touching the bottom of the pan when boiling. Also 250 maybe too hot for some people's ovens, weed starts to decarb at 200, 220 is good I think. Other than that great video

  22. Octubre 9th, 2019

    Imma go ahead and try this! Thanks man!!

  23. Octubre 9th, 2019

    Thank you SO MUCH for the realistic volume video.. you really are the friendly neighbourhood Negro…

  24. Octubre 9th, 2019

    This video indeed helps a lot Thanks buddy Peace

  25. Octubre 9th, 2019

    Does it smell much?

  26. Octubre 9th, 2019

    Does the house smell after?

  27. Octubre 9th, 2019

    Does the weed leave a strong smell after the oven ?

  28. Octubre 9th, 2019

    Trying this later on today!!!

  29. Octubre 9th, 2019

    This is amazing. Much love from Alabama.

  30. Octubre 9th, 2019

    Isn't dangerous de Fcking foil with the microwave?

  31. Octubre 9th, 2019

    How many brownies can be made with that much butter ?

  32. Octubre 9th, 2019

    You’re so damn smart Every other video is complicated

  33. Octubre 9th, 2019

    thanks man been waiting for a vid w small batches, btw when u put it in the oven does it reek more when u take it out?

  34. Octubre 9th, 2019

    Real question tho how much it smell

  35. Octubre 9th, 2019

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  36. Octubre 9th, 2019

    Ive heard of folks adding in sunflower lecithin, is this necessary? What does it do?? Thanks man!