There are many steps to starting a cannabis business such as finding “Green Zone” real estate, building a strong team, and even clarifying what your operating procedures are.

In this video, Jim Breese walks you through the detailed considerations of your cannabis business plan, as well as which…

10 Comments to: Creating a Cannabis Business Plan

  1. Octubre 9th, 2019

    Do you happen to know anyone, as informed as yourself, in the Wash. DC cannabis industry?

  2. Octubre 9th, 2019

    Do you have any information about starting one in Illinois? Specifically for recreational

  3. Octubre 9th, 2019

    1. Buy the building. Don't lease.
    2. Best location is near the state border with a non-rec state.
    3. Yes. You can do more business out in the middle of now where if you are near a major highway.

  4. Octubre 9th, 2019

    By far the most informative video. Thank you

  5. Octubre 9th, 2019

    Hi Im from New Zealand Im currently in the IT Industry, Your feed was very informative. I can only imagine NZ would begin its process of legalization modelling off other parent countries who have taken the leap such as US and Canada. I would
    like to know more on how to begin this venture on how your business bloomed and hopefully create a good solid networking relationship as well as enhance my enthusiasm and hopefully get among the big punters to try and get a piece of the pie who already hear gearing up for the "Boom"
    Kind regards


  6. Octubre 9th, 2019

    This was useful… I'll be thinking about this the next few years when I have real money to invest

  7. Octubre 9th, 2019

    i am starting this business, please contact me i will need your support. Skype gm_brain

  8. Octubre 9th, 2019

    Legalize marijuana in all states!