Let’s start at the beginning: what is cannabis? This episode explores the origin, evolution, and modern hybridization of this centuries-old plant.

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  1. Noviembre 7th, 2019

    I hate the new leafly website. You make a bunch of stoners learn all these different symbols and shapes, and expect to continue… I forgot what I was saying. Look, just put it back to simple.

  2. Noviembre 7th, 2019

    Cannabis opens your fkn mind.

  3. Noviembre 7th, 2019

    Thousands of years ago cannabis "likely" originated in canada.A scientific theory. God created all seed bearing plants.

  4. Noviembre 7th, 2019

    Sativa indica ruderalis and hybrids

  5. Noviembre 7th, 2019

    Your new interface is terrible. The reason I used Leafly was because I could look up a strain and quickly see the negatives , how many people reported paranoia? What’s the medical benefits. Etc
    Now there’s none of that . Just a stupid jpeg of diamonds and circles. Representing thc and cbd.
    It’s useful but shows the user LESS information . I will use Leafly LESS now.

  6. Noviembre 7th, 2019

    I like this new direction, Leafly. Keep it going. Science the hell out of it.

  7. Noviembre 7th, 2019

    Cannabis is like crack.
    A user needs more and more to feel high/euphoric.

    A cannabis high is not like how it feels to pass a reading test.
    A reading test is what cannabis users fail at.

    # facts

  8. Noviembre 7th, 2019

    Why change logo? Liked old one

  9. Noviembre 7th, 2019

    in all honesty, i can smoke on the same clump of hash for a month, and get wildly diferent experiences, depending on if i vape it, smoke it in a bong, a pipe or a joint. But it also just depends on the setting and my mood. i smoked some really lemony stuff at a rave once, and had a real active high with lots of dancing. Same dope on my couch while watching netflix tells a different story tho.

  10. Noviembre 7th, 2019

    check out my cannabis grow channel, thank you

  11. Noviembre 7th, 2019

    This is terrible…..so dumbed down it's laughable….ahem…..lol!

  12. Noviembre 7th, 2019

    what is leafly: a site that has no idea what it's talking about, that budtenders use to give medical patients inaccurate information.

  13. Noviembre 7th, 2019

    Wait I wanna learn more about flabanoids!! Lol

  14. Noviembre 7th, 2019

    I’m not an expert, but after doing some research there is a 4th type of cannabis: Ruderalis

    “Cannabis ruderalis is a little-known kind of marijuana that is known for its ability to grow in conditions that would kill most cannabis plants. Ruderalis cannabis originates from Asia and Central/Eastern Europe – areas with climates too harsh for other cannabis species to survive.”

  15. Noviembre 7th, 2019

    So glad Leafly is including some diversity, was started to think my kosher brethren might not like 'schwartzers'.

  16. Noviembre 7th, 2019

    What are you yelling for, sir?

  17. Noviembre 7th, 2019

    Holly shit how does this dude know I got weed in my backpack right now 0:13

  18. Noviembre 7th, 2019


  19. Noviembre 7th, 2019

    Cannabis education is why I started making YouTube videos. Thanks for doing God’s work Leafly ☮️

  20. Noviembre 7th, 2019

    First. Good vid