Cannabis is broken down into one of three categories: indica, sativa, or hybrid. Make sure you understand what each category’s attributes and effects.


Thanks to our friends at The Novel Tree for location/background.

30 Comments to: Cannabis 101: What’s the difference between Indica, Sativa & Hybrid?

  1. Agosto 22nd, 2016

    great info… thx!

  2. Agosto 22nd, 2016

    She kinda looks like Mia Khalifa…or is it just me

  3. Agosto 22nd, 2016

    I'm a new smoker, and I'm buying amnesia haze, is it any good? I know that it's a sativa but is it good?

  4. Agosto 22nd, 2016

    You gotta remember when thinking Indica, you just think do I want Indica that'll put me "Into Da Couch".

  5. Agosto 22nd, 2016

    im your 60k subscriber, congrats!

  6. Agosto 22nd, 2016

    is that a real book on the counter? can i buy it somewhere?

  7. Agosto 22nd, 2016

    Sativas are useful only for hemp imo.  Indicas are medicine.  Without CBD what's the point?

  8. Agosto 22nd, 2016

    What strain is best for someone with major anxiety disorder?

  9. Agosto 22nd, 2016

    Can you link to the strain wheel please? I tried to find it on your site on my own with no luck.

  10. Agosto 22nd, 2016

    I love this , its very educational , and comes very handy (: . thanks.

  11. Agosto 22nd, 2016

    This information regarding the supposed differences between Sative Vs Indica is absolute nonsense and shows a total disregard for any scientific or botanical classification.

    Sativa means cultivated. As in Lactatus Sativa (common salad lettuce).

    Cannabis Sativa is Hemp. Hemp produces less that 0.4% THC. Any genotype of Cannabis that produces more than 0.4% THC is botanically classified as Cannabis Indica. End of debate.

    Cannabis: Evolution and Ethnobotany Hardcover – 4 Oct 2013
    by Robert Clarke (Author), Mark Merlin (Author)

    Cannabis Indica evolved from Cannabis Sativa. There is NO SUCH THING as a sativa x indica hybrid. The idea is a nonsense, scientifically inaccurate and downright wrong. It's an unhelpful simplification based on misinformation and ignorance that is now used to aid classification at the point of sale. Nothing more nothing less.

  12. Agosto 22nd, 2016

    Sativa currently… Definitely helps my ADHD.

  13. Agosto 22nd, 2016

    northern lights indica is the shit

  14. Agosto 22nd, 2016

    this woman reminds me Mia Khalifa

  15. Agosto 22nd, 2016

    And what year did u last see poor sativa or indica 1960? Their all hybrids ffs

  16. Agosto 22nd, 2016

    which one will grow better in canada?

  17. Agosto 22nd, 2016

    Regina Vegina

  18. Agosto 22nd, 2016

    I normally mix indica with sativa and some artificial weed that is sold in stores, the three mix up in your brain and give krokodil like pleasure

  19. Agosto 22nd, 2016

    I'm sorry but I have to disagree on sati vas being the one for ADD

  20. Agosto 22nd, 2016

    Smoke both pure indica and sativa in one bowl. It's awesome.

  21. Agosto 22nd, 2016

    Y don't u just call it red?

  22. Agosto 22nd, 2016

    What was the book you had displayed?

  23. Agosto 22nd, 2016

    Team Sativa! The best for philosophical and deep thinking and self-evaluation.

  24. Agosto 22nd, 2016

    whats a great strain to smoke for party goers ?